Balatoc Mines Tour, Benguet

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

aboard the Balatoc minecart!


Dear ,


Azalea arranged a tour for us and we were brought to the Balatoc Mines for an extraordinary tour.


You know me, I would normally prefer to just lurk in the pines whenever I’m in Baguio. But this tour sounded interesting enough. And before I knew it, we were inside the cave and drilling and dynamite blasting assaulted our ears! Not my idea of fun but I tell you, it had been really scary and well, fun. Hehe.


Look at this, we got to ride this cool mine carts on our way out! Yeah hehehe! My Highlight of the tour.



Azalea Residences, Baguio

Saturday, November 24, 2012

pretty packaging!




Look how pretty! You know I’m a sucker for cute packaging and all. Love that Azalea concocted their own scent (Verbena + Jasmine) instead of the usual hotel shampoo/conditioner mix. Bath gels are also included in their personal care package and that made me really happy. Teehee. Although I personally think that they should add slippers to the package, I’m pretty impressed with Azalea’s personal care kit. It’s complete and very personalized.



Azalea Residences, Baguio

Thursday, November 22, 2012

the living area




We spent the last weekend in Baguio City. Couldn’t be happier. I’ve missed it. 


So we stayed in Azalea Residences, a super fancy hotel along Leonard Wood Road, and we were given a posh 3–bedroom suite complete with living, kitchen and dining area. Each room has its own LCD TV, but company and I decided to watch Paranormal Activity 3 in the living area. While Ada and Robbie jumped, fidgeted and shrieked, Christian, Glenn and I had a grand time watching/shooting them. Ding missed a lot :P 


We’re spooked and stressed after watching the film, and I’m almost scared to close my eyes. Thanks to Azalea’s super comfy and soft bed and sheets, I slept like a baby.