T h e A u t h o r

Anny of Anny's Chocolate Skies

People call her Ann, Leslie, Lestat, Aui Manila, Anncaye. But right now, she loves the sound and spell of Anny.

Anny's Chocolate Skies is a chronicle of her travels and memories. She loves going places, taking photographs and sending them as postcards. She has undying fascination with clouds and skies, citing cumulo-nimbus ("because they're just fierce-looking, threatening, sci-fi-ish") and lenticular ("because they're rare") clouds and God-smacked (or kissed by that Big Guy up there) skies as her favorites.

She's always on the lookout for seastars and seaglasses.

Anny dreams of seeing the Aurora Borealis one day, and adds the Forest Carnival in Romania (real or not) to her ever growing bucket list.