Macrography: This Snail

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hey !


I’ll treat you to lunch of sosi escargot if you can tell me where this snail’s eyes are located!



Little John’s, Baguio

Friday, December 6, 2013




My new favorite spot is a hole-in-the-John Hay-wall that I've been passing by countless times while around the Commissary.  Why I decided to check this place out just now is beyond me. All i know is I've missed a whole lot. I can spend the rest of my day here in this exact spot, reading, writing, wasting time, soul-searching yeah hehe, staring outside while having my nth cup.


And oh, my search for the bestest tocino ended here. Happiness found. :) 



Back in Baguio

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Arrived too early with an upset stomach. Want to visit my favorite Jollibee branch (who's supposedly operating for 24 hrs!) and found it's still closed. Had to go back up the cathedral with my thousand-pound bag and wait ‘til the sun wakes up. And when he finally did,  had to go back down for my breakfast, upset stomach and all. This is bad.  Decided to visit Burnham and maybe have my morning coffee while waiting for the ukays to open. Passed by the stadium and this sunshine.  Had to stop and take a shot. Told myself "it's going to be ok."


Old things, new eyes. Thanks for the cold warm welcome, Baguio!