White Island, Camiguin

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dark skies over white island




Whenever Camiguin is mentioned, the White Island comes to mind first and foremost. Like Batanes, I have vivid dreams about this island. So imagine my excitement when the day of our White Island tour finally arrived. However, it has been raining on and off Camiguin for the past days and this day, the skies looked gloomy. But then again, White Island now or never. After 15 minutes, we finally got there. It's chilly, not exactly the perfect weather for frolicking in the white sands like I imagined since I was younger. The picture above is the rain heading towards our direction. A few minutes after scrambling to hide our cameras, the rain finally passed by us. Having nothing to shield ourselves from, we have no choice but endure the battering of wicked raindrops (with sands) and cold winds. It took a good 5 minutes or so before the rain finally left us.


Ok, so not exactly my dreams about this famous sandbar coming true, but heck, it has been fun/crazy memorable.




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