Mysterious Mists of El Nido, Palawan

Sunday, October 14, 2012

horcrux cave?




Sometimes the sun would peek and check up on us.  But most of our time touring the islands, it was raining. But sun or no sun, El Nido took my breath away. I even came to appreciate the rain.  You see, it cast mysterious mists around the karsts, making it appear like a scene from a movie. I was actually expecting Harry coming out of it, triumphantly clutching Voldemort’s horcrux in one hand, and leading Albus on the other.






Lakbay Diva said...

may like button ba ditey? hehehehe... i came to love el nido under the rain too. :D

Anny C said...

rain or shine ang ganda ng el nido no? :D

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Lagyan na ng Like button yan! :)

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