Pearl Farm, Davao

Tuesday, February 26, 2013




So I went ahead and welcomed Summer earlier than most of you guys.  I bathed in the glorious rays of the Pearl Farm resort sun and screamed at myself "BURNNNN!" Davao is my last trip before going back to a miserable little cube called office. Believe it or not, I’m going to miss the Sun.




Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

May leaves pa naman hehe

Lakbay Diva said...

gahhhhhh!!!!!! i haven't started my summer yet! er, well if we don't count free diving sessions :P

i want to go to the beach naaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Anny C said...

matagal pa yun heheh

Anny C said...

ako din diva, kakastart ko pa lang bye bye na agad :P wow diving lessons! ayain mo si Lakad PH hehe.

me too, want the beach again!!!!

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