An Open Letter To An Old Visitor

Tuesday, August 20, 2013




With a name like that, I used to think you're cool. And then I saw you threw tantrums, spoiling plans and canceling dates. Was I so wrong? So uncool! And you’re so full of yourself. I remember last year you almost Smashed my Pumpkins dream. Almost. Guess I'm just as stubborn as you. Thought you can stop me, huh? Ha!


Just didn't expect you'd come back. Well, why the hell did you come back? And bringing along a girl with baggages? C'mon!


Well, time to move on. You know you can't bring my girl 'Pinas down. Go away, Habagat! You’re no longer welcome here! And take that Maring with you, will you? We've had enough!  




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