Dinner at Microtel Mall Of Asia, Pasay City

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Dear Dear 2,


We had a feast under the stars, above the busy metro! The setting was actually pretty romantic. No distracting sounds, just the tinkle of silverware and soft chatter of acquaintances and newfound friends. Yummy sounds if you will ask me.


But the real star(s) of the show are the food! Here is a photo of my very first salmon. Again, am not a big seafood fan, but this just made me crave for one right now! The fish was cooked to perfection (perfect for me is when I forget that it’s actually a fish hehe), the mashed potato and butter sauce are the perfect sides to this dish. It was really good.


Another noteworthy dish is the Baby Back Ribs which, I think, is everybody’s favorite. Apparently, this is also Millie’s Restaurant’s (Microtel MOA’s in house resto) bestseller.


Christian said it was one of the most beautiful dinner he’s had. I would have to agree.


Let’s meet here sometime.




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